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"Tequila Shooters" Official Music Video

Shot by Matt Marlinksi (@MattMarlinski)

& Sean Nelms (@Seannelms)

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J.W. Farrell BIO

“On the Surface // Light a Fire” is the latest release from the Astoria Queens based rock outfit JW Farrell. Born in basements, backyards, and bedrooms during the Covid lockdowns, this series of songs is an examination of the past, both the good times and the bad. Featuring a powerful performance from the NYC vocalist Julea, “On the Surface // Light a Fire” is a perfect ear worm to bring a fresh audience into his catalogue. 

Born and raised in Bucks County in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Farrell moved to NYC to begin his career as the bassist of the pop rock group La La Lush. After two records, a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom, and a US tour culminating in an appearance at SXSW, the band took a permanent hiatus in 2015. 

Farrell kicked off his solo career with the release of Alexandria - EP at NYC’s Arlene’s Grocery, accompanied by a music video for the first single “Alexandria.” 

His first full length studio album, Francisville, was produced by The Pool Boys' Matt Potako in Philadelphia. 

Farrell then worked with producer Frank Cervantes of Retroglyphs fame to record their 2021 release, Far From It, the group’s first release on Benibu Records, the queens based indie label founded by Ben Taylor of Beecher's Fault. 

The band's current line up features Steve Scarola of Unruly Mane, Tom Cordell of Tygersounds, and Stephen Francis. 

Farrell has built a loyal following in NYC and Philadelphia and currently tours the northeast circuit.


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JW Farrell and the blues art rock eruption of "Tequila Shooters"

"...the song ramps up, burning and then blows up, shifting into something that feels art rockish with glam around the edges. The surprising eruption takes it to another level. It feels artfully grand and audacious."

-American Pancake


Tour Stories' Release of

Music for the End of the World

"...Its toe-tapping energy, paired with tongue-in-cheek lyrics is a refreshing anthem for the times. I mean I guess what we need right now is more hopeful music about the end of the world..."

J.W. Farrell Gramercy Theater

Divide and Conquer's Review of "Francisville"

"JW Farrell recently released his best work yet entitled Francisville. There is something really satisfying about hearing an artist evolve. The songs on this release are a nice mix of Americana, folk and rock"



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